5 Most Expensive Bikes in The World

1. Medusa

Medusa’s name comes first in the list of world’s most expensive bike. It is built by TT Custom Choppers and costs more than $ 1 million (about Rs 8.27 crore). The special thing about this bike is that most of its parts are made of gold. It is named after the Medusa monster from ancient Greek mythology and gets a 1.8-litre V-Twin engine as the powertrain, capable of generating 125hp power. There’s also a six-speed gearbox that powers the 700-pound chopper.

2. Cosmic Starship Harley-Davidson

A special bike of Harley Davidson also comes in this list, which has been designed by the world famous artist Jack Armstrong. Jack Armstrong’s special kind of art called Cosmic Essentialism has been used on the body of the bike and it has been named ‘Cosmic Starship’. The bike is sold through the brand’s luxury dealer ‘Bartles’ and is priced above $1 million (roughly Rs. 8.25 crores). You don’t have to be an A-list star to buy it.

3. Lauge Jensen Goldfinger

The name of Goldfinger made of gold plate also comes in the world’s most expensive bike list. It has been designed by world-renowned customizers Danish Motorbike and uses a gold-plated and diamond-encrusted frame. As a powertrain, it has been given a tremendous 1,807cc twin cylinder engine which generates power of 90hp at 3200rpm. The cost of Goldfinger is around $850,000 (Rs 7.03 crore approx).

4. AJE E95 Porcupine

AJS is a British motorcycle manufacturer known for making vintage motorcycles. This E95 was made about 60 years ago and is extremely rare. For this reason, when it was updated and offered for sale, its price was around $ 675,000 (about Rs 5.59 crore). Its powertrain is a 500cc engine and there are only four units of it in the whole world.

5. Yamaha Roadstar Nehmesis

The name of Yamaha Roadstar Nehmesis also comes in the list of world’s most expensive bikes. The price of this bike is around $ 500,000 (about Rs 4.14 crore). This is a 2.5-meter cruiser bike that has been customized by BMS Choppers. The bike gets gold plating and is named after the owner of BMS, Sam Neham.

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